This directory is provided as a free service to allow independent Orcas Caregivers visibility to those looking for caregiving services. Caregivers can create a listing and modify it at any time, or remove the listing altogether.

The Directory listing contains basic background information about your skills, training and experience as well as an optional photograph of yourself. There is also a field in the listing that informs the care seeker whether you’re currently accepting new clients. Your contact information, phone number and email, will not be seen in the directory. If a care seeker wishes to contact you they will enter their contact info and a brief message on a form that is emailed “blindly” to you (your email is not revealed), or the care seeker may use the Send Care Request feature that sends emails to all caregivers who are accepting new clients.

All listings are moderated. This means that the website administrator makes sure that the site’s Terms of Use are followed when listings are created.  Terms of Use, shown below, must be agreed to for the listing to be published. It may take up to several hours before your listing shows up in the directory. Any edits you make to your original published listing, however, are not moderated and any changes you make will be published immediately to the directory.

Terms of Use

By posting on this Directory, you agree that the information you provide in the Directory is true and that Lahari is not responsible for the accuracy, reliability, completeness, veracity or suitability of any of the information you provide.

You also acknowledge the following: Lahari will not endorse you or your services. We are in no way responsible for assisting you in reaching an agreement with care seekers; nor are we responsible for assisting you in providing services to care seekers. Any agreement you enter into with a care seeker is strictly between you and the care seeker, and Lahari is not a party to that transaction. Any dispute you have with a care seeker is between you and the care seeker, and Lahari will not be a party to that dispute.

Lahari reserves the right to remove your listing without prior notice in our sole discretion for reasons including, without limitation, we believe that your actions may cause or have caused legal liability for you, other users of this site, or Lahari.

To be agreed to when creating a caregiver listing

But first before you can create a listing in the directory, you must register and create an account on the Orcas Caregiving Connection Website.

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