Family caregivers may reach a point when they realize they need additional help at home. Tell-tale signs include recognizing that your loved one requires constant supervision and/or assistance with everyday activities, such as bathing and dressing. Family caregivers also find that certain housekeeping routines and regular errands are accomplished with great difficulty or are left undone. It may also become apparent that in order to take care of any business outside the home, more than one caregiver is required. It is time to look for professional help.

Orcas Island is home to many skilled and caring individuals who are dedicated to helping islanders remain in their home safely and comfortably and the Caregiver Directory on this site is a great place to start.

The following sections can help you in choosing the right caregiver to meet your needs:

Getting Started

Identifying Services You Need

Hiring A Home Care Worker

Supervising Home Care Workers

Financial and Legal Considerations


Note: Material from this section has been excerpted, with permission, from “How to Hire In-Home Helpers, A Guide For Seniors And Their Families” by the Northwest Regional Council,